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Every beautiful new painting starts out on the medium of your choice, and at Jerry’s Artarama Retail Stores, we believe that having the highest quality mediums available lays the foundation for the perfect work of art. Without a high-quality canvas, the quality and texture of your finished product may not turn out the way you like. We help you avoid that problem by providing you with only the best art canvases, customized exactly for your needs.

No matter what kind of canvas you need, you can get it through the custom canvas product selection at Jerry’s Artarama Retail Stores. We offer a large variety of styles, shapes, and sizes of canvases to suit the needs of any artist. We have prefabricated canvases that you can use, or we can work with you to create a custom canvas of your choice. We staff professional canvas experts who are able to craft the ideal backdrop for your specific needs, no matter the project.

Regardless of your preferences, we can get the best quality products for any artist. Each aspect of your new custom art canvas can be adjusted to fit your needs.

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San Antonio's One-Stop-Shop for All Your Canvas Needs

Not only do we offer you the chance to choose your own canvas size, but we also give you the option to choose the exact type of canvas that you want to use. We know that different materials can change the way that your finished product looks, so Jerry’s Artarama Retail Stores offer you the options you need to ensure you are completely satisfied with the end result. Choose from cotton, jute, linen or polyester to perfectly fit the theme and textures of your work.

Use Stretcher Bars For Your Custom Canvas

Completing your unique canvas work requires having the right stretcher bars in place and that is something that the canvas professionals at Jerry’s Artarama Retail Stores specialize in. Your custom canvas can be stretched over the wooden bars of your choice, letting you pick from brands you trust to give you the quality you need. Regardless of the size of your work, we can complete the job for you. Choose from a variety of stretcher bars and cross braces from Jack Richeson and Creative Mark in pine.

Each time you get a custom canvas from us, we strive to give you a beautiful finished product in as little time as possible. Come into Jerry’s Artarama Retail Stores and choose the material of the canvas, the bar styles, and tell us your size to get your custom art canvas in as little as only two weeks.

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No matter what you need, we can get it to you. If you are unable to find the art supplies you want, you can speak with our team so that we can special order it for you. Get started creating with Jerry’s Artarama Retail Stores today!

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