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Custom Sized & Stretched Art Canvases in Nashville, TN

Every painting needs the right foundation to succeed. That’s is why Jerry’s Artarama offers both custom and prefabricated canvases to meet every artist’s needs. If you’re looking for something much larger than standard sizes, a completely unique shape, or a particular material that you can’t find anywhere else, we can help you achieve your vision. Our custom canvas shop offers knowledgeable service and prompt turnaround so you can get back to your studio and start working on your next project.

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Get Creative with Your Custom Canvas

Our Nashville custom framing and canvas shop has everything you need to get exactly the right surface for your work. Our highly trained staff will answer all of your questions, and they’re happy to review the many choices available for material, stretcher bars, and more so you get exactly what you want. Learn more about the full range of custom canvas available at Jerry’s Artarama of Nashville.

Jerry's Artarama of Nashville Canvases

Everything You Need to Create Your Canvas

Thinking about designing your own unique canvases for painting and mixed media projects? You have plenty of options to find the perfect base for your work:


When you’re shopping for Nashville art supplies and can’t find the right canvas, building your own allows you the freedom to specify the exact size and shape you need. We can build a custom canvas in any dimension up to 10 feet long and 30 feet wide. Just tell us down to the exact inch what you need, and we’ll take it from there.


Though we call them canvases, fabric foundations vary. Each material has its own unique features and takes paint a different way. Some soak up moisture thirstily, some are rough, and others are tightly woven and ultra-smooth. The material you select will determine how your final product looks, as well as how your paints and brushes feel in your hand as you work. It’s all personal preference, which is why we have so many options:

  • Cotton
  • Hemp
  • Jute
  • Linen
  • Polyester

Stretcher Bars

The hidden framework of your canvas depends entirely on the quality of stretcher bars you select, and we have many to choose from. Even though they’re never seen by the public, knowing you have sturdy, well-built stretcher bars under your painting allows you to create with confidence. We offer the following choices in both lightweight and heavy-duty varieties:

  • Pine
  • Spruce
  • White Pine

Ordering Your Custom Canvas From Jerry’s

It’s easy to get started with custom canvases when you work with Jerry’s Artarama of Nashville. Just stop by to speak with our friendly staff the next time you’re browsing for art supplies, and we’ll talk about your specific needs. We’re happy to show off our selection of materials, and once you choose your parts, just let us know the size. It’s that simple! Within two weeks, your custom canvas will be ready for pickup at Jerry’s Artarama, your local art supply store. Find the quality art canvases you’re looking for in Nashville when you get in touch with the friendly staff at Jerry’s Artarama today.


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