How to Choose the Right Brush

Being an artist means choosing the right medium and tools. You are inspired to create a painting. You have the right canvas and paints. Now, it’s time to choose the right tools. Which ones you choose depend on your medium. Whether you choose to work with acrylics, watercolors or oils, Jerry’s Artarama has the right brushes for you.


If you love to work with acrylics, Pro White Professional Acrylic Brushes and Sets, made by Creative Mark, may be best for you. They are made from soft, white filament hair, which holds color well and delivers great brush response. They are perfect to use with most acrylic painting techniques and glazing. However, they can also be used for caseins, acrylic gouache, and water mixable oils. If you like the heavy bodied acrylics like Matisse Structure and Golden HB, the right brush for you is the Pro Stroke Powercryl brushes and sets. The secret is the Powercryl synthetic hair. They are made with a combination of different hairs that provide absorbency and even lay down, but also offer excellent rigidity to power through those heavy bodied acrylics.


If oil is the medium of your choice, then Imperial Bristle brushes, also made by Creative Mark, would be a good choice. They feature nickel-plated brass ferrules and 100 percent Chungking hog bristle. Perfect for oil colors and continuous use with solvents, they maintain resiliency through washings. Each brush must pass the most stringent testing to bear the stamp of Imperial.


The Polar Flo line of white, synthetic filament hair brushes is perfect for watercolors. They feature bristles that keep fine, exact points, and clear scraper handles on a wash brush. They are well suited for artists of all skill levels.


If you like to work with different mediums, brushes that are suited for multi-use purposes might be best for you. The Black Swan line is for use with acrylics as well as traditional and water mixable oils. They feature soft synthetic bristles and seamless nickel-plated ferrules. They are perfect for novice to professional painters.

Creative Inspiration brushes are great for oils, acrylics, and watercolors. They feature Taklon synthetic hair and nickel-plated brass ferrules, with contain long and short handles. They are perfect for both students and teachers.
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