Intro to Seascapes in Oils Workshop | Marita Cheney

Learn how to create beautiful seascapes from start to finish in this informative 4 – 6 week course!!
About the Instructor Marita Cheney:

Authentic, Creative, Inspired, Determined

I have been married to a Naval Officer for 25 years, together we have raised three amazing children and moved 12 times.
I was first introduced to oil painting in 2010 and this creative passion for painting quickly took hold of me. I began reading every art magazine and book I could find. A recent Navy tour in DC afforded me an opportunity to take classes and workshops at the Alexandria Art League led by highly acclaimed artists. I was in my art glory visiting the many wonderful art museums in Washington DC and the plethora of art galleries in the metropolitan area.
I had the opportunity to work for a well respected art gallery in Annapolis, Maryland, where I was exposed to work by highly accomplished artists. Many times I stood inches from a piece of art work mentally deconstructing the layers of paint, examining brush work and the artist’s technique. It was during this time that I realized the level of art work I aspire to create. I also realize the time, dedication and determination that is required to achieve this level success.
I am blessed, I was able to stay at home and raise my children. I am blessed, I get to view the world through the eyes of an artist. This is my authentic journey.