Calligraphy Workshops ● Betsy Rivers – Kennedy

*This workshop is divided into a 6 week course. It is recommended to take all courses in order to obtain all information that is needed!*

• Workshop cost: $20 + Materials

• Materials list will be provided at the time of purchase
• Sign up one day (or sooner) before class date!

• • • • BIO • • • •
Betsy Rivers-Kennedy
As a calligrapher-artist, I many times use words, letter forms or text of some sort as a design element in my compositions. I try to balance the meaning of the words or text with the images I create, each enhancing the other. I love working with torn papers in collage, but also like to work with pastels, colored pencils, water color, acrylic or graphite. The text is usually done with sumi ink or gouache. As an artist, I am always pushing myself in new directions.
• • • • Course Overview: Beginner Calligraphy • • • •
6 Week Class Proposal
•Week 1: Definition and Brief history of Western Calligraphy
Basic Drafting skills for calligraphy
The workings of the calligraphy pens and ink
Begin Learning The formation of the Italic letters
•Week 2: Learning the rest of the formal Italic letters
Class participants are urged to bring quotes, prose or poetry to practice writing something
meaningful to them.
•Week 3: Introduction to Roman Caps and how they morph
into Italic Caps
•Week 4: Spacing of letters, words, lines and layout techniques
•Week 5: Putting it all together-writing lines & addressing envelopes
•Week 6: Create a piece that can be matted and framed. If time permits,
writing with gouache for color can be introduced