Why You Should Get Your Back-to-School Art Supplies from Jerry’s

While you could get many of your back-to-school art supplies from a big box retail store, there are many excellent reasons to choose Jerry’s Artarama instead. And, with locations across the country, plenty of people have a Jerry’s nearby to get and stay stocked up on their favorite art supplies.

Why Get Your Back-to-School Art Supplies from Jerry’s Artarama?

While there are plenty of good reasons to choose Jerry’s Artarama for back-to-school art supplies, three of the best reasons are the exceptional quality of the supplies we sell, our vast selection, and associates who are artists themselves.


While the art supplies you’ll find at a large retailer might be fine for doing a school report, those stores don’t offer the high-quality art supplies that serious art students need to pursue their craft. Whether you or your child need colored pencils, watercolor paper, paint, canvas, clay, or any other art supplies, you’ll find higher-quality options at Jerry’s Artarama.


How much of a selection does your big box store offer in the way of art supplies? One aisle, if you’re lucky? Jerry’s Artarama is filled wall-to-wall with all the art supplies you could possibly need, whether they’re for your grade-school child or your university class.

Knowledgeable Associates

Not sure which supplies would be best for your project? Jerry’s Artarama only hires artists, so you can be sure to get expert advice on which materials you need for your class and why.

Find Your Nearest Jerry’s Artarama

If you’re ready to stock up on your back-to-school art supplies, find your nearest Jerry’s Artarama location and stop by. We’ll be happy to help you find exactly what you need, no matter what class your supplies are for – school, university, or just for fun!

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