Watercolor Workshops • with Willie Cordy

• • From Willie Cordy’s Website (http://cordystudio.com) :
I love to help the inquisitive minds of my students. With their interests, I can become helpful in guiding them on their path to becoming a better artist. My teaching philosophy is a reflection of my life philosophies.
The Essence of Learning
I have been a student most of my life. I craved knowledge of most things art and take every opportunity to learn more. My objective in teaching, is to give my students experiences of real world situations to prepare them for what is to be expected as an artist when they graduate. The fact that they will not be students forever, my duty as an art educator is to make them well rounded and well prepared productive artists. The subject matter being taught is important, but also the critical thinking process (in and outside of the box), listening skills, problem solving, and a disciplined approach to life learning.
Learn new watercolor tips and techniques from Artist and Instructor Willie Cordy!
Virginia Beach, VA