Image Transfer Using Jerry’s Studio Acrylic Gel Medium

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Jerry’s Studio Acrylic Mediums

Professional Quality Mediums Created By Artists For Artists!

Our Jerry’s Acrylic Mediums are made to the highest quality standards, and manufactured in the USA. They provide professional quality at an everyday savings over other high-end acrylic medium brands. As with all our products, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Studio Acrylic Medium & Varnish – Available in Matte, Satin or Gloss; these mediums are more fluid in nature than heavy bodied acrylics, and are used to reduce the paint viscosity and/or opacity, depending on how much is used. Excellent for glazing techniques as a medium, their addition helps minimize brush strokes. Once the painting is completely dry, these mediums can be used as a final varnish to protect the finished artwork, in whatever sheen is desired. All of Jerry’s Acrylic Medium & Varnishes can be used as archival collage adhesives and to create image transfers.

Studio Acrylic Gel Medium – Jerry’s Gel Medium has a similarly creamy, smooth consistency to that of heavy body acrylics. An excellent extender, Gel Medium assists in helping color go further with its’ addition. Note that Gel Medium increases color transparency the greater the ratio of gel medium to color, without affecting paint body consistency. The same moderate peaks and textures as heavy bodied acrylics can also be achieved with the addition of gel medium. Excellent for use as an archival glue for mounting canvas onto panel, for collage techniques, and to create mage transfers.

Studio Acrylic Heavy Gel Medium – Heavy Gel Medium has a heavier consistency than heavy body acrylic paints, and produces a nice, glossy finish. It is designed to create and hold high peaks and texture, used alone or when mixed with acrylics. Impasto techniques are easily accomplished with the use of Heavy Gel. Transparency is increased as the ratio of Heavy Gel to paint becomes higher.

Studio Acrylic Modeling Paste – A very heavy body and opaque medium, our Modeling Paste is composed of a combination of marble dust and 100% polymer emulsion. The creation of heavy textural and 3-D forms on panel, board or canvas becomes possible with its’ use. Drying rock hard, it can be sanded and carved when dry, giving it a reductive quality usually impossible with paint. May be used as a base under acrylics, oils, alkyds, caseins, oil painting sticks, and oil pastels; or can be drawn on with any drawing material. The uniquely absorbent nature also allows painting over with inks, watercolors, gouache and poster paints. Mixes with any acrylic paint for tinting.

Studio Acrylic Gesso – This all-purpose Gesso primer applies smoothly and evenly, drying to a slightly off-white, soft tone that reduces harsh glare. Once dry the gesso remains flexible, without tendency to crack or flake. It is a perfect receptive surface for oil colors, acrylic colors, caseins, alkyds, oil sticks, oil pastels and an assortment of drawing products. Two coats create a solid, uniform opaque surface on smooth to moderately rough canvas; three coats is recommended to thoroughly seal extra rough, unprimed canvas.

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