Calligraphy Workshops • Betsy Rivers-Kennedy


Beginning Calligraphy Class
• Introduction to the Italic Hand

Taught by Betsy Rivers-Kennedy

• Week 1: Definition and Brief history of Western Calligraphy
Basic Drafting skills for calligraphy
The workings of the calligraphy pens and ink
Begin Learning The formation of the Italic letters

• Week 2: Learning the rest of the formal Italic letters
Class participants are urged to bring quotes, prose or poetry to practice writing something
meaningful to them.

• Week 3: Introduction to ROMAN CAPS AND HOW THEY MORPH

• Week 4: Spacing of letters, words, lines and layout techniques

• Week 5: Putting it all together-writing lines & addressing envelopes

• Week 6: Create a piece that can be matted and framed. If time permits, writing with gouache for color can be introduced.

Virginia Beach, VA