July 18 – Shell Seeker: Youth Artist Class, Ages 10-12 & Adults with Zandra Lowman

Class Description

Shell Seeker: Youth Artist Class, Ages 10-12 & Adults

Instructor: Zandra Lowman

Class Code: ZL190718

Workshop Fee: $65

Medium: Acrylic

Thursday, July 18th, 10:00am – 1:00pm

This class will first focus on sketching / roughly drawing a sandpiper or plover on a canvas. Then; inspired by the impasto technique, creating a painting using dab and smear painting techniques loosely applied with both brush and palette knife incorporating extra heavy gel to build 3D texture. Finally, students will be able to incorporate actual shells if desired. Students will be able to complete a painting by the end of the day! Bird drawings for this class will be kept simple using basic shapes to create the form of the bird, which will be taught during the first ½ hour- 1 hour of the class.

This is a step by step lesson and guidance reflecting a learning environment that is non-competitive and non-judgmental. With guided techniques, artists will apply these skills and select a sea bird of their choosing to make their painting unique to them.

Images will be displayed and provided for them to choose from.

Supplies to bring:

-a HB pencil

-a kneaded eraser (This is a must)

– black fine point Sharpie

– Jerry’s Studio Acrylic Heavy Gel Medium Gloss

– a drawing pad or sketch book- Artist recommends a watercolor pad for playing with acrylic applications as well as drawing.

– Practica Canvas: 9”X12” or 10”X20” canvas (Your Choice!)

Optional Supplies:

– Seashells to incorporate into work

To sign up for Zandra’s class give us a call at 919-887-9454!