How to Set Up Your Art Studio

You’ve finally found a dedicated space within your home or in a commercial property for your very own art studio. When it comes to setting up your space, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your space works for you and your art.

  1. Natural Light

For the most accurate representation of your work, and the best lighting possible, set your art easel facing the window. Your back should be to the light so the sun isn’t shining in your eyes. It will also help you capture an authentic look at your canvas and work.

  1. Within Reach

The last thing you want is to be getting up to retrieve different brushes or cups of water while you’re working. To prevent fumbling around, set up a drawer or table next to your easel for your necessities.

  1. Ventilation

If you’re working with paint or other chemicals, ensuring you have good ventilation in your space is imperative. Install cheap box fans or open a few windows nearby while you’re working to help air our any fumes.

  1. Floor Covering

After putting in the work of setting up your studio space, you want to ensure it lasts! Invest in a drop cloth or other floor covering to keep your floors protected when you transfer your painting, or if you’re working on a larger piece on the floor itself.

  1. Storage

Storage is a necessity for those looking to work in one space for an extended period. Keep your studio feeling open and organized by investing in some storage to host your supplies. A cluttered environment will actually impair your creativity, so take advantage of tote bins and drawers and keep your space, and mind, clear.

Have you set up your own studio before? What are some other tips for first timers? Let us know by leaving us a comment below.

Providence, RI