Why It’s Important to Frame Your Art

Why It’s Important to Frame Your Art

Most artists and art-lovers want their artwork to last a lifetime and look just as good in 50 years as it did on the day they finished it. Custom framing can do just that! The right frame can protect artwork of all kinds from damage and create a profound and protective space for your artwork for years to come. Frames are vital to how your art is presented and helps to take your art to the next level. Learn more about why it’s so important to frame your art with this helpful post from the experts at Jerry’s Artarama!

Protect Your Art

Artwork is particularly vulnerable to moisture damage that’s caused by the absorption of moisture into the paper. The damaging effects can ruin artwork that would’ve otherwise lasted a lifetime if framed and sealed properly. Water damage to your artwork can result in molding and paper warp. Paper warp is a result of the paper absorbing the moisture from the air, causing it to expand in various directions creating a wavy appearance instead of the artwork lying flat. Moisture can also cause the acids in the paper to break down. This leaves the paper brittle and susceptible to mold.

Framing your artwork is the best way to preserve it to last a lifetime. When done correctly with proper acid-free materials, framing provides a stable environment where your artwork can reside while protecting it from fluctuating temperatures, damaging humidity levels, and harmful UV rays. Proper hinging on the picture itself will allow it the freedom it needs to expand to the varying temperatures and humidity levels within the frame and protect it from buckling or warping within the frame.

Enhance Your Art

Protecting your art with proper framing is crucial, but a good frame should also complement the work. Custom framing and matting introduce an entirely new dynamic to your work whether it’s canvas, photo, or print. Matting and mat boards can help enhance specific colors or shapes within the piece by making it stand out inside the frame. It can also provide negative space and adds dimension to your artwork making it more of an extension of your art than simply a protective shield from the elements. Matting can also be used to custom fit work with unique dimensions within a larger frame.

A Frame for Every Piece

There are all kinds of framing options available, and each one provides their own unique enhancements and protections to your artworks. To narrow down your options, you should take advantage of custom framing staff at Jerry’s Artarama and ask their opinion on what’s going to bring out the best in your art. Many framing jobs can be done at home, or for special pieces you can easily have your works framed by experts to ensure they’ll last for years to come.

If you want your artwork to last a lifetime, the best thing you can do is preserve it with the right frame. Framing can be applied to any type or size of artwork and can turn even the simplest piece of work into an impressive decoration or gift option for loved ones. The enhanced look of your artwork will turn a beautiful piece of art into a stunning statement piece that will shine in any room or gallery.

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