Awagami Japanese Papermaking and the Creative Potential of Washi + Q&A

Awagami papermill mill is run on the knowledge and expertise gained through 300 years and 8 generations of Fujimori family paper making.  The mill makes a diverse range of Japanese washi for fine art, conservation, photography and crafts while organizing juried shows, a paper museum and fully funded artist residencies.

Awagami’s Craig & Aya will be on hand Sunday October 21st to present a brief history of Japanese paper making including videos of paper making techniques and detailed explanations of processes involved in making washi paper (from fiber harvesting to sheet forming). Examples of Awagami’s creative collaborations with designers and artists such as Chuck Close, James Rosenquist and others will be discussed illustrating how washi’s unique properties can serve as a creative catalyst for new ideas and unique works of art. This is an open-forum presentation and participants are encouraged to ask questions in order to establish a creative dialogue.


Free Awagami Paper sample sets +++ will be given to all attendees

Sunday October 21st at 3 pm

Space limited to 35 people. Call 646-678-5474 to reserve your spot today!