In The News: Jerry’s Is Moving To Newark

Jerry’s want the artists in local communities to thrive. That’s why the Delaware retail store offers its convenient selection of fine art supplies and professional framing options at such affordable prices, not to mention the free weekly art demonstrations.

If you follow the store’s unbelievable sales, you already know that the Wilmington retail store is preparing to move its products and services to Newark. Soon, the artists of Newark and surrounding areas will have access to all the benefits that Jerry’s Retail Stores bring to art communities.

The Newark Post has been following the area’s development as well. In a recent article published on June 10, Councilwoman Jen Wallace commented on the move, calling it “quite a coup,” and adding:

“Jerry’s Artarama is a place that people travel to shop.”
– Councilwoman Jen Wallace

Jerry’s retail stores can certainly “draw” a crowd!

The store manager of the Jerry’s Artarama location in Delaware understands how important a fine art supply store can be for a local art community. The store’s new location will be at 269 S. Main Street in Newark and is expected to open later this summer.

Stay tuned for more information!

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